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Get to know The Wise Bloods
Each member of The Wise Bloods brings a force and vibe which all combine under a unified purpose to bring into existence a greater musical power that would not exist were it not for the influence of each member. Meet the band members of The Wise Bloods:
Drums- Jason 'bwadman' Myers 
a.k.a The Electrician
Appears quiet and shy but is in truth pretty mischievous and full of bants and vibes. Highly positive individual, although has trouble making it to places on time. Mainly known for his innate ability to rock the hardest beats without breaking a sweat. Jason's history as a passionate drummer spans back to childhood when he'd jump on the drums while his older brother's played together. Once he had a taste for it, he knew this was for him and did whatever he could to make his dream a reality, including smashing out the home household pots and pans. At age 14, Jason did his first drum recording session. From the age of 15 Jason was playing shows across the country at airbases. Among a wide array of artists, Jason has played drums for the likes of Bitty McLean, Vivian Jones, Winston Reedy, Julian Marley, Janet Kay, Sandra Ross, Make Edale, Congo Natty and more, but he maintains that The Wise Bloods is his greatest privilege. Jason's far-reaching experience has provided an endlessly rich tapestry of rhythms, an essential condition for mastery as a drummer. Watching Jason with a pair of sticks whilst in the zone should be on everyone's bucket list.
Called the Electrician for two reasons. 1.His beats are electrifying. 2. He's a qualified electrician.  
Jason on instagram
Vocals- Makeda Moore
Makeda is to be understood as no less than London's own soul reggae diva. Makeda Moore is testament to the notion that the coming years are to see increasing feminine energies rise to take hold in spaces of influence. Makeda Moore has consistently provided essential contributions to London's live Reggae scene. Despite being a solo artist in her own right, Makeda Moore is a highly versatile vocalist and has brought to The Wise Bloods sound an outfit of backing vocals of near gospel proportions that bring the roots vibe toward a blend with Rn'b and soul.
     Makeda was approached to perform with the wise bloods after being noticed totally tearing the roof down singing Bob Marley numbers at a reggae jam in East London. To the surprise of Lead singer Jesse James, she agreed to take part and brought along her team of highly talented vocalists who each contribute to The Wise Bloods in a range of capacities including lead features and writing unique vocal harmonies as well as backing vocals.
Makeda on Instagram
Vocals- Nikki 'Cislyn' Marshall
Nikki is a bubbly soulstress whose laid back vibes and wicked attitude are evident in her artistry. Another talent and artist in her own right, known on stage as Nikki Cislyn. Nikki already has won a grammy from contributions as a hook writer (clean bandit). Contributing to The Wise Bloods as the 3rd harmony of the backing vocals, Nikki's creativity permeates into the work as in both live energy and now recently as a contributing writer and featuring artists on "Lonely Hours" (from the Let Me Love EP). Nikki doesn't just bring a style, but a whole ethos of laid back positivity, calm and an infectious sense of humour.  
Nikki on Instagram
Bass- Ryan 'Gutty' Windross
Highly calm, wise and thoughtful individual. A versatile bass player with widely adaptable skills. Among metal, reggae, and funk he also plays jazz, but also tends to claim he's playing jazz if he plays a wrong note... which is very very rare. This man may be an ancient emperor reincarnate. This would explain the deep wisdom he emanates, but his off key sense of humour may suggest otherwise. Ryan has been known to demolish buffets and lose focus when hungry so he has earned the nickname- 'Gutty'. 
     Ryan has long been a sought after session player and prior to The Wise Bloods, Ryan has been involved with the likes of Smiley and The Underclass, Pama International, Nubreeze, Joe Angel and Pamadzi, African Headcharge, Josh Barry and more
   On top of the music, Ryan is in touch with his spirituality and has a dedication to decency, goodness and Ital health. His home made teas are super good.  
Ryan on Instagram
Keyboards- Noa Rodriguez
Noa Souto Rodriguez is the latest addition to the band. Noa came to london from Galicia Spain in 2012 to study contemporary Piano performance at LCCM. 
  London is where Noa's journey into afro-cuban music began. Enjoying the multicultural hub of South London, Noa was able to meet a wealth of Jamaican musicians who gave her the opportunity to play with them and chance to dig into the deep grooves of real roots reggae music. Among a great number of great reggae artists Noa has played keys for legendary studio 1 artist Winston Francis and the iconic Prince Hammer (Rockers Movie). 
    Noa's style, deep knowledge of caribbean rhythms and love of the music quickly made her an evidently suitable new addition to the band.
Noa's warm persona, musical diligence, extensive background in performing live shows and dedication to reggae music brings even greater promise to new and exciting developments. 
Noa on Instagram
Vocals- Kandaka Moore
Kandaka is a multitalented artist with a background in both music and theatre. Kandaka continues to make valuable contributions across the artistic field, from writing theatre scores, performing dance and vocals for well known artists, acting and pursuing her solo project as a singer.
Being little sister to Makeda doesn't make Kandaka any less bossy or formidable. Her powerful energy and up-full vibes stand out with an unmatched confidence while her vibrant soul and understanding of dance choreography brings extra special elements to the live show. Kandaka's high harmonies form an integral part of the powerful 3 part harmonies of the wise bloods backing vocals and she appears for the first time as a featured artist on "Rob Beg And Steal" (from the Let Me Love EP). 
Kandaka on Instagram
Lead Vocals / Guitar- Jesse James 'Tinyrebel' MacFarlane
Jesse James grew up in inner city Deptford Town in South East London. Brought up in a bohemian environment, Jesse found music early on in life and was inspired by a richness of life experience consisting of both hardships and joys amidst a hometown culture that celebrates difference. As a result, Jesse became passionate about song writing at a young age.        Unknowing how pivotal it would be, a young Jesse happened upon two second hand Bob Marley albums (Confrontation and Survival) on tape, that he religiously listened to. Later in life, Roots Reggae music and most specifically the songs of Bob Marley and their message became a bedrock for his approach to music and life.
       As times moved on, the predatory nature of city life and its effect on his community and neighbours began to inform an understanding of the world and humanity that rang true to his knowledge of the words of Bob Marley. Reggae music became Jesse's vehicle to express not only his feelings about issues of the world around him, but also explore and share his inner principle for allowing deep contemplation to arrive at free thought to live freely from the constraints and influences of an unhealthy society.  
      Jesse holds strong the principle that of all music, reggae music is a music that must uphold truths and rights and speak realness to the times, it is not enough to just sing the word rebel, equality, revolution or freedom, but a reggae artist must take the pains and processes to work out what really consists within those words and how they relate to time she/he writes. Only once the songwriter can shed light on those thoughts and ideas can they genuinely express the common sentiments and themes in roots reggae music. Otherwise those words serve as nothing more than a car bumper sticker. 
Jesse on Instagram
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