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Animated Illustration By: Joey Mckelvey

TRACK 3:  I'll Be Around



Drums: Jason Gerald Myers 

Lead Guitar: Jo Cocco

Bass: Ryan 'Gutty' Windross

Backing Vocals: Makeda Moore

Lead Vocals: Jesse James MacFarlane

Guitar: Jesse James MacFarlane

Mixing: Laurent Dupuy

Mastering: Simon Capony

Written and Produced by: Jesse James MacFarlane

'I'll Be Around' was written around the time that the coronavirus pandemic had begun to bring lockdowns into effect. There was a lot of hysteria, fear and anxiety at this time. The one good thing about this moment was the heightened concern for the elderly and vulnerable. In the most part, this song is a song dedicated to our elders, who so easily get forgotten in this profit led society. The message is mainly to the grandparents and parents, it's like an assurance or guarantee so as they don't worry, if they want anything, I'm right here. 

On top of the lockdowns, the murder of George Floyd had come to dominate social and mainstream media, which had sparked riots and protests. As always these sorts of events tended to expose rifts and divisions embedded in our societies. 

I felt two strong feelings at the time. I wanted to one, let my elders know that I'm here to help but also I felt a strong wish to express connection across divisions that seem to be whipped up by political groups or powers.


I wanted to share the sentiment that if there were any people feeling vulnerable because of their identity, if there were people out there feeling targeted or excluded or suffering paranoia from the words or actions of bullies or fascistic regimes or institutions, I'll be there to support whatever they need to fight this injustice. 


The song, as it may be obvious, is literally saying 'I'm here if you need me, just call on me and I'll come around to make sure things are fine' and so it is a song celebrating the GOOD in humanity. It's a song about the universal human emotion and wish to care for others. I thought it was an important message to send out while so many egos and institutions were trying to drum up hatred and alienation across populations who share the same land. I always say, there are of course times to burn, but more often it's more effective to build bridges if you can.

If there is a time of division, you don't have to get caught up in it to address the problem.  See if you are someone who can build a bridge to help the healing...

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In these dark times baby, In these dark times baby

 In these dark times baby

 In these dark times

I wanna let you know

I’lll never let you go

I wanna let you know

I’ll never let you go

I’ll be around

I’ll be around baby

I’ll be around

I’ll be around baby 

I will be around be around

I will be around

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