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The Wise Bloods blaze their own trail with new five track EP 'Let Me Love' containing a heartfelt collection of 'uniqe and deeply personal' songs

You'd be forgiven for thinking gone are the days when reggae was injected not just with sentiment to social justice or revolution, but actual with acute social observation. Yet there are still some thought leaders contributing to the genre. The Wise Bloods have proven unafraid to stand apart and blaze their own trail in both songwriting and sound in their new upcoming EP. Let me love successfully brings together the heart and purpose of roots reggae and fuses it with fresh soul and hip hop influences- releasing April 16th 2021.


The new five track EP offers an array of unique sounds and grooves fitting to their signature 'Soul Rock Reggae' style. Lead Singer Jesse James describes their new approach as 'more melodic and personal' where some songs 'have no intention other than to express the feeling that was in the heart at the time of conception'. Jesse explains, 'sometimes you make a song because you want it to bounce and move someone on a musical level before the meaning even becomes relevant'. However in this case, the band have allowed the feelings and meanings take precedence as a means of offering songs that will enable richer communication and provide food for thought in these trying and contentious times.

The EP is titled the same as track 3 on the EP, due to the song 'Let Me Love' representing the sentiment most close to lead singer Jesse James' heart at the time of producing the music. He explains, "Let Me Love is reflection on the state of society and our alienation from from a healthy and natural state of existence. The song is crying out against how our shortcomings of our social system continually prevent the world from developing in a way that doesn't degrade the environment and the nature of our relations to one another across the globe. I was just sick of so much I was seeing around me. So sick of dusty polluted roads and traffic, sick of seeing an unhealthy society continue to just reproduce its own survival day-by-day and never stop to realise the gross exploitation and disgusting behaviour this system we feed into perpetuates. I was tired of always seeing people spreading hate about people different to them. I just felt so tired and all that made me feel good was the idea of a better beautiful place out there, one that we could actually have agency and influence rather than be passive participants of an indifferent society." 

The Wise Bloods' fresh approach has meant they haven't restricted themselves so much to a specific genre or style as much as they had before. The EP worked as a vehicle for allowing other genres to shape the music they create. While the EP is grounded in Roots Reggae , there are some stark departures from that starting point. For example,  'Lonely Hours' sets apart entirely as a Jazzy Soul and Hip Hop track.


The EP will include amazing guest features from grammy winning soulstress Nikki Cislyn as well as American rap and reggae crossover stars from Easy Star Records 'The Late Ones' and the multitalented UK star Kandaka Moore. All tracks boast powerful mixes from Grammy winning mix engineer Laurent Dupuy and mastering engineer Simon Capony. 

The EP also enjoys authentic guests performances from highly talented reggae and blues lead guitar virtuoso Jo Cocco (The Abyssinians, Gentleman and Aloe Blacc et al.) and London Jazz composer and trumpet mastermind Jacob Stoddart (Don't Problem). 


The track list will include song titles (previously released single) Soul Rock Reggae, I'll Be Around, Lonely Hours (feat. Nikki Cislyn, The Late Ones), Let Me Love and Rob Beg and Steal (feat. Kandaka Moore).

The EP will be available digitally online, on CD from the16th April. There will also be an interactive EP tour experience providing interested listeners a more in depth event to spend some time digesting a range of supporting media from the EP including videos, pictures, lyrics and writings about the circumstances and meanings behind the songs. Access to exclusive live performance/ listening party will be available through The Wise Bloods' social media accounts.

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