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The Wise Bloods to release Rap infused Soul Single feat. Grammy winning Nikki Cislyn and The Late Ones from the USA

The Wise Bloods will be bringing listeners a different flavour this April. To head the launch of their EP, the band will be releasing one of their leading tracks 'Lonely Hours' a week before the full EP. The track is to include guest features from Grammy winning talent Nikki Cislyn and USA's RAP and Reggae crossover stars from Easy Star Records, The Late Ones.

The track vibes with a punchy Soul and Hip Hop groove providing RAP verses interwoven with a catchy Soul hook. Lead singer of The Wise Bloods Jesse James explains the song is a "positive affirmation" about being ready to emerge from life’s knock backs.

"It’s about bouncing back after experiencing the type of devastating life experiences that seem to twist your entire being and mental state. It’s also about not judging and resenting the cards and situations you’ve been dealt. If things aren’t quite right, appreciate what you do have, own who you are, the experiences you've gained. Ride with that until things come right. Sometimes life just gets really tough and it really tests you, even breaks you. Sometimes you might feel like you will never be the person you once were, or resent the person you feel you have become, but hese times will change. you can rebuild yourself and though it takes time to heal, You finally reach a new point where you can be thankful again. The sun shines on you through a gap, snow falls on your eyelid, birds sing and you feel every part of life, you feel part of it again."

The track boasts a deep soulful layer from rich and highly creative vocal harmonies provided by Grammy winning Nikki Cislyn. Nikki Cislyn's signature feel rings strong with attitude and finesse leading into a scorching feature from The Late Ones who take turns in taking this already funky track up another notch. The three vocalists bring punchy rap, rhymes and melody together in a unique and powerful flow that will have fans grinning ear to ear and new listeners looking up their back catalogue as they wonder where the hell these guys come from. Overall Lonely Hours oozes a cool chillness. It is a joyful grooving vibe that brings a positive celebration out of hard times.

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Nikki Cislyn
The Late Ones
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