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The Wise Bloods are an unruly British Reggae band from London city that do modern progressive Reggae established within a solid foundation of Roots. With modern influences of Hip Hop and Soul, The Wise Bloods weave their unique attitude, style and message to establish an unprecedented and original Urban iteration of reggae that is the The Wise Bloods' undeniable signature sound. The band express their deep dissatisfaction with the state of everyday City life while exploring the burning desire to reach the path to a better world.


Following the release of debut singles ‘Turn The Tide’ and ‘New Blood’, The Wise Bloods began to receive radio play (Rodigan/ BBC 1xtra, Sarah C Vibes Fm, Was Kwame/ Capital xtra etc) and international recognition across the reggae community. The Wise Bloods continue to grow followings internationally and have seen growing successes since the release of their latest EP ‘Let Me Love’, described by David Rodigan (BBC 1Xtra) as ‘Very impressive’. This talented Reggae collective guarantee a live show of up-ful energy, deep grooves and London realness.

"Reggae music often masks its themes of social oppression and injustice beneath underlying tunes that force the body into a perpetual groove. This can sometimes result in an inner conflict of wanting to dance but also wanting to stand up and call out the system and their oppressive authority. Bob Marley unquestioningly mastered walking the fine line between the two, while others like his bandmate, Peter Tosh, would straddle that line with an aggressive, brute force. This juxtaposition in what is jammin’ with what raises the fist has always intrigued me, and what has me still listening with a keen ear.

Today, English reggae band, The Wise Bloods, have unveiled their song, “Eye Out For the Devil,” along with a video to accompany it. The song conjures up that same juxtaposition with a wicked riddim accompanied by precise and unambiguous lyrics that embody the band’s resistance to the vileness of the world while evading the negativity of life. Lead singer of The Wise Bloods, Jesse James, states, “To keep an eye out for the devil means avoiding the traps set by the evils and darkness in the world, starting with being aware of and conquering the weaknesses and negativity within oneself. It is these personal weaknesses that make the individual susceptible to ill intentions and the trappings of this Babylon system... READ MORE” - Rootfire Intl.

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