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Who Are The Wise Bloods?!


In the Autumn of 2019 an unlikely collective of Londoners were brought together by a lifelong passion for music and the calling of Roots Reggae music. The ultimate lineup up of The Wise Bloods put together their first song ' New Blood'. From here on this London Roots Reggae band will form deep friendships and a shared mission to develop a modern sounding roots reggae that stays true to Roots Reggae as a genre of Rebellious depth and meaning. 

Following the release of debut singles ‘Turn The Tide’ and ‘New Blood’, The Wise Bloods begin to receive radio play ( David Rodigan/ BBC 1xtra, Sarah C Vibes Fm, Ras Kwame/ Capital xtra etc) and international recognition across the reggae community. The Wise Bloods continue to grow followings internationally and enjoy growing successes upon the release of their debut EP ‘Let Me Love’, described by David Rodigan (BBC 1Xtra) as ‘Very impressive’...


Rewind to mid 1990s multicultural South London, a young Jesse James grows up amidst socially deprived inner-city neighbourhood of 'Deptford', living in a single parent flat. The 8 year old comes across second hand cassette tapes for 50p each in his local library. One with a picture of a dreadlock rasta, rising up to a mountain and red sun amongst other cassettes showing more rasta imagery. He takes them home and listens to them religiously to go to sleep at night. 

Fast Forward through the years of Pokemon cards, Wayne Wonder, Dr Dre, starting a band in school, girls, run-ins with youths, dabbling in street crime, run-ins with the police, University and a career in Tree Surgery... Jesse meets vocalist Makeda Moore and Bassist Ryan Windross at a Reggae Open Mic in the dingy 'Troy bar' in Shoreditch. Makeda introduces Drummer Jason Myers and singers Kandaka Moore and Nikki Cislyn. The newly formed members of the band rehearse at Makeda's family community centre and Rastafarian church in Kilburn to perform their first show as UK Roots Reggae band The Wise Bloods.

Now in 2023  The Wise Bloods are in the process of  releasing a sound defining body of work under the title of 'Eye Out For The Devil'....

The Band

Each member of The Wise Bloods brings a force and vibe which all combine under a unified purpose to bring into existence a greater musical power that would not exist were it not for the influence of each member. Meet the band members of The Wise Bloods

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